What are we doing?

Kurdish saying goes: Brexwedan jian e — Resistance is life. Today, we start a project, which can be named “Art is Resistance — Huner Berxwedane” and that is exactly the tagline of our website.

The very important offspring of the Rojava struggle was a massive flow of artwork inspired by the heroism and perseverance of the Rojavans.

We decided to start an online collection of visual art: drawing, paintings, photographs etc. inspired and depicting the history of Rojava.

Please, help us build this collection. Help us improve it. It will be available freely for all interested people, creating another layer of Rojava history.

Initially, we divided the RojavArt Collection in three categories:

  • Street Art. Grafitti, murals, tags and inscriptions, pictured in their “natural environment”.
  • Artwork. All kinds of static, visual art, like paintings, collages, computer graphics and drawings, of clearly artistic character.
  • Documents. This is mostly for the photographs, showing the most impressive, symbolic and important points in the history of Rojava.

We try to attribute all pictures to their authors, dates and places of creation. But we need your help for that. Please use comment forms to let us know what you know.

Amargi PL.
Rojava Recovery Volunteers


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