War Surgeon

”I’ve left my doctor’s equipment, and I am with my fellow Kurds at the front in the city of Kobane”

A Demand For Action founder, Nuri Kino, spoke to Dorpec Kobane, a Swedish-Kurdish medical doctor who is in Kobane to help treat wounded civilians and also YPG/YPJ militia members. Today, at 4 p.m. Swedish time, Kino reached the medical doctor on the phone, and could here gunshuts and bombings in the background.

Dr. Dorpec Kobane: As you can hear the war is in full bloom in Kobane again. They came in last night. They were disguised as FSA and YPG militia men. they had their types of military uniforms on, and they had shaved beards. The first thing they did was attack and take over the Doctor’s Without Borders hospital. Then four suicide bombers attacked different parts of the city. But they also had many snipers with them. They have been shooting like lunitacs, mainly children and women.

Nuri Kino: Where did they come from?
Dr Dorpec Kobane: They came from Turkey; they could easily pass the border. They actually took the border, but we have won it back, preventing more from passing through.

Nuri Kino: But how could that happen?
Dr Dorpec Kobane: It’s definitely a Turkish operation. It’s a counter-reaction to the loss of Turkey’s govermental party, the AKP. This is their revenge on Kurds.

(At this point, Kobane and Kino are interrupted by gunshots. Kobane tells Kino not to hang up. Shortly after, they talk again, and Kino continues to ask questions)

Nuri Kino: Where are you right now? In a hospital, treating people?
Dr Dorpec Kobane: No, right now I have changed my doctor’s tools to a machine gun. I am helping our soliders to eliminate the threat, I am more needed here now than in hospitals. We are less then 150 meters away from an ISIS stronghold, a section of the city they took over this morning. I can not help anyone if all of Kobane is taken over by the terrorists. There are bodies of children and women spread all over; they shot like maniacs. Of course I wish I could help them, but … (Dr Dorpec Kobane is quiet for a while, then he continues) Please let the world know what Turkey has done to us, to the children and women. But we are strong. We will not give up. We will win Kobane back.

More: http://www.ademandforaction.com/

Another story behind this pic: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3139923/Kobane-doctor-describes-moment-maniac-ISIS-fighters-stormed-town-killing-women-children.html


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